We have all observed or taken part in strategy days which are mechanical, non-yielding and dull. 

Strategy days, to deliver value, need to be insightful, interesting and be good fun.  We believe our approach delivers the right balance of seriousness and good humour to help you develop a strategic plan which within a matter of hours sets out where you are, where you wish to be and in broad terms how you will get there.  As a part of the process you will develop analysis of your organisation strategic and operating environments together with an appraisal of the principal risks to achieving your newly honed objectives.

This is your strategy.  We are there to facilitate its development, and although we will run the session and prepare much of the paperwork, we need you to do the thinking.  Our approach to strategic planning follows a tried and tested method using:

  • group games;
  • breakout sessions; and
  • individual work,

which are based around:

  • celebrity pitches;
  • perfect endgame and black swan scenarios;
  • brainstorming; and
  • analytical techniques. 

The output from the session(s) will be a short, up to 12 page, editorialised document which will set out the fundamentals of your strategy which can be used with principal stakeholders without further change.