Every client is different, so why should every client receive the same product or service level; clients need what they need.  So as well as being able offer you the routine basics, we tend work in a unique way; returning clients value us for that.

We meet (for coffee and a chat) with prospective clients to talk about you, not us, your challenges and needs.  If we can help, we will; equally if an issue is outside our skillset we will tell you rather than waste your time and ruin our reputation by doing something we are not qualified to do and potentially causing you more problems in the process.

We can provide you with support on a particular issue, a functional strand or on a role-based basis - we are there to support you.  We aim to give you some certainty around costs in advance of doing the work, though in certain assignments this is more difficult (e.g. investigations).  We like to set out exactly what we are going to do, and when you are comfortable we do the work. 

We tend to avoid cross-selling, we are there to do a job.  All our work comes with risk-based recommendations for improvement; if you want us to help you you will ask us.

Though our focus is on regulated organisations, predominantly those with charitable registrations and related sectors, and pension fund assurance.  But, we are able to deliver to any organisation that has a specific requirement for the services we offer.