Most of our clients work in regulated sectors and are subject to public scrutiny, regulatory oversight and the close interest of funders and other stakeholders.  We have extensive experience of assisting clients in undertaking investigations once a trigger event has occurred. In most circumstances we are invited to work with clients where senior staff and/orgoverning body members have had allegations laid against them.

Our approach is to determine the facts of the matter under investigation.  Failure to treat employees fairly and to carry out reasonable employment investigations may result in claims for mistreatment, wrongful or unfair dismissal or discrimination.  This fairness applies equally to both the person accused, the person accusing and any other staff impacted by events.  The facts of cases are rarely clear cut; they tend to be subjective in nature.  Accordingly, we work with published frameworks to evidence our findings so ensuring a high degree of objectivity.

We are adept at working in partnership with broader teams to ensure that the outcomes of investigations are fairly managed, properly actioned and ensure continuity of delivery of the business.