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CGPM is a boutique firm of chartered accountants specialising in corporate governance, risk management and provision of non-audit assurance services.  We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how we may help.

launch day

CGPM Consulting has become a reality.  This is a day that we've been thinking of for a very long time.  We've a vast amount of experience and want to bring that into use helping regulated organisations to develop and pursue a course of continuous improvement in governance, risk and finance.

Tom Mitchell one of the partners has more than 20 years experience in these fields.  He says, "helping establish CGPM was a long-held ambition.  Regulated organisations have needs that are driven by compliance requirements, but which must be fulfilled in a pragmatic, proportionate and beneficial way.  Governance, risk and finance are tools to help these organisations yield the best result for their stakeholders."

Please contact us to discuss how we may help you.

2 Sept 2011

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  • Governance review;
  • Constitutional compliance review;
  • Board evaluation;
  • Facilitated strategic planning;
  • Strategic project management;
  • Board and senior management training


  • Review of risk management;
  • Embedding risk management;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Risk management training;
  • Risk audit.


  • Policy formulation and analysis;
  • Process review & restructuring;
  • Policy/regulatory review;
  • Internal audit service;
  • Independent examination (charities);
  • Due diligence.