Assurance is providing those charged with governance, or senior management, with a degree of confidence that policies are being properly applied, procedures are followed and internal controls are operating in an effective manner.

Those charged with governance in certain sectors are wholly non-executive though they remain fully accountable for the actions of the organisation and its executive managers. These non-executives need to satisfy themselves that the authority they delegate to their management team is being properly discharged.

At CGPM we believe that the provision of independent assurance on matters of governance, risk and internal control is an essential element of non-executives’ satisfaction that there are no material weaknesses placing the organisation’s operations or its stewardship at risk.

Services include:

  • Policy formulation and analysis;
  • Process review and restructuring;
  • Policy or regulatory compliance reviews;
  • Internal audit service;
  • Independent examination for Charities; and
  • Due diligence.
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  • Governance review;
  • Constitutional compliance review;
  • Board evaluation;
  • Facilitated strategic planning;
  • Strategic project management;
  • Board and senior management training


  • Review of risk management;
  • Embedding risk management;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Risk management training;
  • Risk audit.


  • Policy formulation and analysis;
  • Process review & restructuring;
  • Policy/regulatory review;
  • Internal audit service;
  • Independent examination (charities);
  • Due diligence.