homerisk management

risk management

Every person and organisation faces risk every day. What is important is how we recognise and then manage the risks we face to a level which we are comfortable with.

Many risk management processes are overly complex. They are viewed as a separate, stand-alone procedure which is undertaken because someone once said it was a good idea. Other organisations have a risk register which lists every threat or potential barrier to success and is meaningless as it is too generic. Cottage industries can evolve around risk in organisations where risk management is managed by one person or a department and is not embedded in things you do every day.

At CGPM we believe that managing risk is about identifying and managing those uncertainties specifically around achieving your objectives whether strategic, operational or project. Everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to consider these uncertainties and implement the measures that can be put in place to accept or manage your way round, over or even avoid the risks.

Services include:

  • Review of risk management;
  • Embedding risk management;
  • Risk analysis; and
  • Risk management training.
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  • Governance review;
  • Constitutional compliance review;
  • Board evaluation;
  • Facilitated strategic planning;
  • Strategic project management;
  • Board and senior management training


  • Review of risk management;
  • Embedding risk management;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Risk management training;
  • Risk audit.


  • Policy formulation and analysis;
  • Process review & restructuring;
  • Policy/regulatory review;
  • Internal audit service;
  • Independent examination (charities);
  • Due diligence.